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Moving Architecture

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Opening: 16/5/2022 at 5 pm

Opening hours:

Sat–Sun from 10 am to 6 pm

Mon–Fri from 2 to 6 pm

10 am–18 pm

Admission free


Presentation by Robert Konieczny and the KWK Promes studio, the authors of the reconstruction of the Ostrava slaughterhouse.

MOVABLE ELEMENTS have been used in our buildings for years, due to their ability to change the expression of architecture and adapt it to changing conditions. Each time, we approach a design task creatively and seek to elicit the best possible response. At times, we then manage to create something completely new. In our designs, movement is never just a gadget. On the contrary, it is always the result of deep reflection and can help to solve a problem or several problems simultaneously, transforming buildings or integrating the space around them.

CONCEPTUALISM is the domain we feel most comfortable in. Each of our designs is supported by a strong concept, which defines the solutions applied later. Thanks to such a pragmatic and logical approach, we are able to free ourselves from formal constraints and venture into the unknown. By taking risks, we happen to arrive at truly innovative solutions. Looking critically at our designs, we can identify a few common themes—we call them design paths. Each of them is characterised by a specific motif: immaterial, topographical or mobile, for example.

The links between individual designs are shown on the design path map. Those with common features lie on the same path. Those which combine several threads lie at the intersection of several paths.

The topic of the exhibition is the mobile path.

KWK Promes studio



Photo (c) Matěj Doležel
Photo (c) Matěj Doležel
Photo (c) Matěj Doležel
Photo (c) Matěj Doležel
Photo (c) Matěj Doležel
Photo (c) Matěj Doležel
Photo (c) Matěj Doležel
Photo (c) Matěj Doležel
Photo (c) Matěj Doležel
Photo (c) Matěj Doležel

Robert Konieczny, architect, founder of the KWK Promes studio, and a member of Académie d'Architecture since 2019. In 1996 he received the certificate of New Jersey Institute of Technology. Laureat: World Building of the Year – Museum Dialogue Centre Przełomy – WAF Berlin; European Prize for Urban Public Space – Museum Dialogue Centre Przełomy – CCCB Barcelona; Best New Private House – Konieczny’s Ark – Wallpaper Design Award 2017; House of the Year 2006 – Aatrial House – WAN Awards; twelve nominations of the Mies van der Rohe Award.

Held by the City of Ostrava in cooperation with PLATO and the Municipal Studio of Spatial Planning and Architecture (MAPPA).

PLATO will start its activity in the reconstructed building of the slaughterhouse in September 2022.



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