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High Schools, In the gallery:

Becoming Non-Human

  1. PLATO Bauhaus, Janáčkova 22

20 Kč / child
60–90 mins

Booking and further information:
Alice Sovadinová
+420 737 855 798


An educational programme about contemporary theories, philosophy, tendencies in art, and mostly about what is humanity and what is its opposite.

Are we still “full-blooded” humans, or are we gradually turning into cyborgs and post-humanoids?

The concept of humanity carries mainly positive connotations with it. Thus, non-humanity should have a negative connotation. But if we think about it, non-human entities, i.e., everything that is not human, certainly does not deserve a priori negative label.

What if, for a small moment, we were to reincarnate ourselves into a pinecone, a beetle, celery, a stone, or a machine? What story would we tell then? Perhaps the notion that we can perceive through a non-human lens is a bit fanciful, yet even a slight effort to take a broader perspective can benefit not only us but also all non-human creatures and inanimate co-inhabitants of the earth…

Keywords: tolerance, posthumanism, eco-feminism