• City Gallery of Contemporary Art



Barbora Přidalová: mind light / light mind

  1. PLATO Bauhaus, Janáčkova 22

Opening on 16/10 at 6 pm

Daniela and Linda Dostálková

An installation in the Display (an artwork by Daria Melnikova)

Recommended admission fee 30 CZK


Barbora Přidalová represents selected artists who use their thoughts to contribute to tuning the planet’s vibrations.

The installation mind light / light mind is an energetic intervention into another work of art, Daria Melnikova’s display. It introduces the ideas of four writers from whom the artist Barbora Přidalová draws inspiration in her everyday life: the work of the macrobiotic expert Jarmila Průchová in the area of the study of energies is symbolized in the installation by macrobiotic foods; the theory of mycological rescue of the planet according to Paul Stamets, regarding the possibilities of the use of mushrooms for environmental purposes and healing, is represented by particular mushroom species; the laughter yoga according to the spiritual path of the musician Laraaji practised by the artist, and the work of the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, the first modern discoverer and advocate of bioenergy referred to by orgonites (generators of universal life energy) installed in the room.

The installation consists of glass objects through which light passes as a symbol of idea. At the same time, they represent everyday situations from the life of Barbora Přidalová – she regularly cooks with macrobiotic products, regularly consumes various kinds of mushrooms, practises the laughter yoga and places orgonites in the spaces where she is present.

The technique manifests openness to the reception of energies from Earth and the Universe. The three-dimensional objects and portraits are in the rotation of 180 degrees; this visualization at a certain angle refers to the real form of the represented. Viewed from different sides, they change into shapes resembling cosmic phenomena. And this is also the case with the cited writers who promote transformation, new thinking, new cosmology.

Barbora Přidalová (born 1970, CZ) is mainly involved in conceptual photography. She and poet and artist Tomáš Přidal make up the duo Deceased Squirrel on the Phone (Stoned to Death Records), where she plays percussion. Under the label Warren Milk Publishers they work on books with psychedelic themes. She is currently interested in various ways of mindful life development. She practices laughter yoga. She lives and works in Brno.