• City Gallery of Contemporary Art




Long Evening with Octopus Press

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Admission fee 30 CZK

In Czech only


Hosted discussion about art, social and activist scene in Ostrava and their overlaps; guests include personalities from the field of art, sociology, social work as well as independent individuals.

  1. Programme and guests
  2. Topics

5–6.15 pm, panel discussion 1
6.15–6.45 pm, coffee break
6.45–8 pm, panel discussion 2
8–8.30 pm, coffee break
8.30–10.30 pm, panel discussion 3
9.30–10 pm, coffee break
10–11 pm, discussion with all the guests
11 pm–0 am, discussion with audience


Martin Drábek
Blanka Kissová
Tomáš Knoflíček
Jiří Havlíček
Hana Janečková
Magdaléna Michlová
Lucie Rosenfeldová
Tereza Silon
Edita Stejskalová
Klára Stolinská
Barbora Šimková
Pavel Šplíchal
Zuzana Šrámková
Linda Wojnarová

Jakub Černý, discussion host

  • How do Ostrava scenes see and define themselves, how do they delimit themselves or, on the contrary, relate to other national and international scenes?
  • What clichéd ideas do they face?
  • How do they collaborate? Which themes do they share?
  • What gaps in interdisciplinary collaboration do they face? What gaps (e.g. evolutional) do they overcome in their own field?
  • What is the role of regional and fringe scenes?
  • Do these scenes collaborate, compete or overlook each other?
  • Can we find a comparison for Czech scenes, with the exception of the main centre in Prague, with the situation in the world?

The evening is dedicated to the issue of Ostrava scene/s and will be discussed in several blocs using a metaphor of ruin, which is also the theme of our year-long cycle. Individual parts of the discussion will be based on the contributions by our guests. Together, we will try to look at image(s) of the Ostrava art, cultural and social-activist scene.

The metaphor of ruin could help us find in the organism of the scene(s) surviving forms of the past that offer the possibility to glance the identity of the area and establish relationships to the past and the future that aren’t necessarily linear and succeed to bridge the gaps in the continuity of the scene or field. We can jump over, run away and come together across fields and in their tracks. We can construct, remember, imagine and search for new modes of collaboration, sharing, care, responsibility and creation enriched with other senses and languages.

The program is part of the online publishing house Octopus Press.