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Opening and audio performance:

Ruin, Differentiation

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Opening of the third scene of the series Oh and Hah, Beauty, Ruin and Slack and its exhibitions. Audio performative situation by Nela Bártová with a collective of performers and performance by Marek Pražák.

The third scene Ruin, Differentiation:

Anna Daučíková: Oh and Hah, and Oof. Somewhat More on Pedig \queer/ ree

Daniel Rycharski: Valentines / Ash Wednesday

Jan Boháč & Viktor Dedek: Skeleton. Episode Two of the Euromedieval Saga

Marek Pražák: The Twelve Commandments

Programme of the opening:

Performance “Commands and Commandments for the 21st Century” by Marek Pražák

Audio performance by Nela Bártová and a collective of performers
Performers: Jan Bražina, Adam Hejduk, Karolína Klimecká and Matyáš Zeman

Audio performance by Nela Bártová and a collective of performers inspired by the third scene of the exhibition cycle:

“The core of the audio-performative situation is a poetic text, which is a free continuation of a poem created for an audio-visual poem “Go deep, but not really deep”. I wrote this poem at a residency in Regensburg, and it deals with various ways of thinking about landscape and personifying it. The continuation of the text is a poetic follow-up that serves as a base for sound composition and performance. With performers, we discuss issues such as finding and creating a symbiosis in the relationship between a human and a landscape, the effort to unlearn deep-rooted human habits and modern ways of thinking, the change in approach to other live entities, the descent of the human from the hierarchy ladder, and animism – and we do all that in the ruins of the existing rigid human thinking.” NB

[Nela Bártová was born in Opava but lives, works, and studies in Prague. She graduated from the Studio of Sculpture 2 at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Brno University of Technology. Bártová is the visual part of the audio-visual electronic duo Lowmoe and occasionally, she mixes funfair techno and ambient sounds.

The collective of performers consists of Jan Bražina, Adam Hejduk, Karolína Klimecká a Matyáš Zeman.

Special thanks for support: The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and The Moravian-Silesian Region