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Opening and audio performance:

Ruin, Differentiation

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Admission Free


Opening of the third scene of the series Oh and Hah, Beauty, Ruin and Slack and its exhibitions. Audio performative situation by Nela Bártová with a collective of performers and performance by Marek Pražák.

The third scene Ruin, Differentiation:

Anna Daučíková: Oh and Hah, and Oof. Somewhat More on Pedig \queer/ ree

Daniel Rycharski: Valentines / Ash Wednesday

Jan Boháč & Viktor Dedek: Skeleton. Episode Two of the Euromedieval Saga

Marek Pražák: The Twelve Commandments

Programme of the opening:

Performance “Commands and Commandments for the 21st Century” by Marek Pražák

Audio performance by Nela Bártová and a collective of performers
Performers: Jan Bražina, Adam Hejduk, Karolína Klimecká and Matyáš Zeman

Audio performance by Nela Bártová and a collective of performers inspired by the third scene of the exhibition cycle:

“The core of the audio-performative situation is a poetic text, which is a free continuation of a poem created for an audio-visual poem “Go deep, but not really deep”. I wrote this poem at a residency in Regensburg, and it deals with various ways of thinking about landscape and personifying it. The continuation of the text is a poetic follow-up that serves as a base for sound composition and performance. With performers, we discuss issues such as finding and creating a symbiosis in the relationship between a human and a landscape, the effort to unlearn deep-rooted human habits and modern ways of thinking, the change in approach to other live entities, the descent of the human from the hierarchy ladder, and animism – and we do all that in the ruins of the existing rigid human thinking.” NB

[Nela Bártová was born in Opava but lives, works, and studies in Prague. She graduated from the Studio of Sculpture 2 at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Brno University of Technology. Bártová is the visual part of the audio-visual electronic duo Lowmoe and occasionally, she mixes funfair techno and ambient sounds.

The collective of performers consists of Jan Bražina, Adam Hejduk, Karolína Klimecká a Matyáš Zeman.

Special thanks for support: The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and The Moravian-Silesian Region