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A month of open doors in the slaughterhouse:

Jatka už se nevybuli – an evening with the association Okrašlovací spolek Za krásnou Ostravu

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  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Where: former municipal slaughterhouse, Porážková St.

Capacity full

Admission free


An evening with and for everyone who was not indifferent to the fate of the dilapidated cultural heritage site of the former slaughterhouse. A poetic recapitulation.

Since the 1990s, the professional community and several initiatives have been striving to save the former municipal slaughterhouse in Ostrava. In protest against the decay of the monument, expert discussions and happenings were organised in an attempt to engage in dialogue with the then owners of the building and the city. This kept the issue of the abattoir alive, which significantly influenced the public and political discussion in favour of the site’s preservation.

The evening will be hosted by the association Okrašlovací spolek Za krásnou Ostravu, which will bring a poetic account of their grassroots efforts. Okrašlovací spolek Za krásnou Ostravu dedicates the event to those who are striving or will strive in the future to save Ostrava's cultural and industrial heritage.

The programme is preceded by guided tours at 3 pm and 5 pm with historians and conservationists Romana Rosová and Martin Strakoš.

The month of open doors is organized by the City of Ostrava in cooperation with PLATO and the Municipal Studio of Spatial Planning and Architecture (MAPPA).

PLATO will start its activity in the reconstructed building of the slaughterhouse in September 2022.