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Workshop for families with children:

Upcycle and make your own piece of furniture

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  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Reservation required at info@plato-ostrava.cz

For children from 5 to 12 years of age and their parents

Capacity: 20 participants

Admission fee:
Fan: 1 CZK
Supporter: 30 CZK
Love: 100 CZK


Create your own pieces of furniture from used cardboard exhibition panels. Workshop for children from 5 years up with architect Vojtěch Němčík.

The concept of recycling is already well known, but is upcycling? It is the process of transforming waste material or unwanted products into new materials and products of better quality with the aim of improving environmental values.

We will start with used cardboard exhibition panels from the exhibition Reactivation: the Mucicipal Slaughterhouse and its Surroundings, which took place in our new headquarters in the former municipal slaughterhouse building in May. We will use large format cardboard to create our own pieces of furniture, such as chairs or tables.

Vojtěch Němčík (*1991) is an architect from Ostrava who designs small- and large-scale objects and cultivates his own field. In the meantime, he is a technician of the Dukla Gallery in Ostrava-Poruba. He is a member of the Metalotos group, which creates a space for contemporary—electronic and other—music in Michálkovice.

The workshop is a collaboration with Jakub Potůček, a historian of art and architecture and curator of the exhibition Reactivation.