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Elementary Schools, In the gallery:

Magic Activism

  1. PLATO Bauhaus, Janáčkova 22

20 Kč / child
60–90 mins

Booking and further information:
Alice Sovadinová
+420 737 855 798


About a mysterious process, during which ideas give birth to a work of art, and about contemporary witches.

What does art have to do with magic? What do we mean by activism? And how do magic and activism and art go together?

We will organize an opening of an exhibition of talismans and idols and create performances that will take the form of rituals and won't be addressed to people, but to inanimate beings—spirits and other entities… We will send them messages and touch on activism. What would we wish for the Earth? What can we do for it? How can we honour it? Are there artists who already do so, who are fascinated by magic? Is it something that artists have been drawn to and interested in since time immemorial?

Keywords: magic, ritual, action art, activism, performance, eco-feminism