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Elementary Schools, In the gallery:


  1. PLATO Bauhaus, Janáčkova 22

An educational walk in the center of Ostrava

20 Kč / child
90–120 mins

Booking and further information:
Alice Sovadinová
+420 737 855 798


Enough of the sitting! Come, we'll give you a good airing. On our way, we'll find out where the Lovers are, and who Hairy is and we'll wander into the Universe, too.

Come out with us and soak up the city, its movements, smells, colours and shapes… Along the way, we will notice how the space around us changes, how it affects us, and what it contains. Selected sculptures in the city centre will be our points of contact on the map—we will look at them from all sides and angles, explore them, and enrich them. During the “airing” we will engage all our senses to absorb the identity of the place. A sharp eye, a cell phone camera, a head full of questions and curious hands will be an advantage.

The activity will take place outdoors, in the centre of Ostrava, not far from the PLATO Bauhaus building. Bear in mind that you will have to prepare a task before the event itself, at home or in the classroom. Details will be supplied at the time of booking.

Keywords: “reading” the city, sculpture, relief, monument, stylization, senses, intervention